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Statutory Regulations and Marine Orders in Australia

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority
AMSA, also known as the National Regulator, introduced new requirements for Compass Adjustments in 2016. As part of their review, AMSA ceased issuing the license as a Commonwealth Compass Adjuster in July 2016.
The National Standard for Commercial Vessels
For the Domestic fishing and trading vessels also known as DCV's, a Generic Equivalent Solution (GES) was introduced in February 2015 with the purpose of making the requirements for a compass adjustment more flexible. There is no statutory minimum time period for a compass adjustment on a DCV.
(NSCV) Part C, Subsection 7C is outlines the requirements for DCV's, in particular Annex A.
GES 2015/2   The Generic Equivalent Solution for Compass Adjustment for certain classes of DCV's.
Marine Order 27  (Safety of Navigation and Radio) issued in 2016 is the newest standard for the requirements of a magnetic compass, its carriage and compass adjustment.
Marine Notice 2016/19 Maintenance and Adjustment of Magnetic Compasses.
The above references to Statutory Regulations and MO's in Australia, ISO Standards on the other hand will need to be sourced separately and will often require a payment.
EX06 - Marine Safety (Periodic Survey, equipment certification and compass adjustment) Exemption 2018
This exemption comes into force on 1/04/2018 for DCV's and Division 3 allows an owner to apply to the National Regulator for an exemption from compass adjustment under certain conditions.





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