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The Australian Compass Adjusters Association official website


The Australian Compass Adjusters Association is the peak professional body for Marine Compass Adjusters in Australia. The Association engages with and advises the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on matters of Regulation, Standards and Qualifications.

In order for Compass Adjusters to be accredited and listed on this website as a Member of the Association, they must meet the stringent requirements determined by the Association for admission.

The Association became an incorporated body in 2016 and has 32 founding members from all states and territories of Australia and one member residing in Hong Kong. This group of individuals are serving or retired Master Mariners, Marine Pilots, Marine Surveyors, Educators or in private enterprise associated with providing services to the marine industry. Two of our younger members do not come to us as seafarer but as young professionals from other disciplines who were lucky enough to have been brought up in the an environment where seafaring, compass adjustment and the odd compass hanging from the ceiling was not uncommon.


The normal route of the compass adjuster in Australia had been, until 2012, via the hawse-pipe and other lowly tripan-like positions which lead to the qualification of Masters FG or Extra Masters and then to continue with a rigorous course of study and practical compass adjusting before being Licensed.


Associations members conferred and advised AMSA in early 2016, principally in relation to the new Marine Orders 27 and its effect on the role of the compass adjuster, the definition of such a person and a more flexible approach to the requirements for a compass adjustments on Domestic Commercial Vessels under the NSCV Code.

Association members are talented entrepreneurs, compass repairers, educators all prepared to climb or descend pilot ladders in all weathers, 24 hours a day to adjust the magnetic compasses of our domestic fleet of fishing and trading vessels and the international flagged vessels trading to our shores.


Compass Adjusting in Australia has maintained a very high standard of knowledge through the courses of study and licensing by AMSA and produced a group of adjusters who are dedicated, professional and passionate about their skills and ability to get the job done. This standard of knowledge and expertise can only survive in Australia with the membership of our Association being committed to ensuring that it not only has input and conversation with the National Regulator, but that a well structured pathway is available for those wishing to study the science, art and practice of the "compass adjuster".

New syllabus and training for the Limited and Unlimited qualification in Australia

To learn more about these new courses and qualifications go, to the "Magnetic Compass Compensation" page and hover the cursor over this heading and a drop down menu will appear, select "Compass Adjuster qualifications". Enjoy your read and good luck.






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